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MIPS at a glance

• Not-for-profit charitable corporation

• Board of directors -

7 elected, 5 appointed

• 30 Member organizations

• General By-Law No. 1

• By-Law No 2

• Board Policies

• Guidelines, Patient/Family Presentations to the Board

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Patient safety is actions taken and practices followed by healthcare providers, organizations and the public to prevent harm to patients from healthcare services. Patient safety is about partnerships in healthcare. Patient safety is everyone’s responsibility, including patients themselves.

The Manitoba Institute for Patient Safety is committed to helping healthcare organizations and healthcare providers learn about leading practices to improve patient safety.

We also empower patients and families to be engaged with their healthcare team, to ask questions, to be informed and to take part in decision-making.

The Manitoba Institute for Patient Safety:

• develops, shares and promotes patient safety resources

• hosts and sponsors patient safety education

• advises on patient safety related policy and legislation

• raises awareness about patient

safety issues and our organization